Monday, October 18, 2010

225 day challenge everyone!

225 days.  Oh my, I've never stuck with anything as long as this.
I shall be playing the browser based MMORPG known as Runescape for the next 225 days to achieve 99 mining.
I know not many people are fond of this game, but I find joy in playing it.  I'm not attacking any of your games you play, so kindly do not attack the ones I play.

What does that mean for this blog?  Why, it means I shall add a new progress report everyday and also give you some insight of what is happening in my life that is (not so) interesting!

Good day, everyone!


  1. LOL, well, if you like it just do it! I'm with you!!

  2. My brother loves Runescape but I never found teh attraction.

  3. i have an old old OLD account on runescape add mt its username is leetdragon7

  4. Oh dear, good luck to you :P You're gonna need it my friend.