Thursday, September 2, 2010

Black Ops is looking more and more like BF2+CS:S w/ a little GE

Being a BF2 and CSS fan I am nearly bent on buying the game. All these feature:
-Currency system
-Multiplayer w/ bots
-Leaping into prone
-A snot load of character and weapon customizations
-Wager matches
-ect ect

At this point I am all for trading in my MW2 disc for some extra cash to buy this game. I'd still like some sort of BETA to give my specific input on what needs to be changed in the game, though.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bringing back memories

I recently saw a blog post about the Beatles, so being a typical ignorant American..  Don McLean popped into my head.  I listened to this song on my parents' old 8-track tape player much during my childhood and decided I'd listen to this song one more time.  I was overcome with all the joys and freedom of being a 6 year old lad dancing around to this and I'd like to share it with you:

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Zelda Banner

Good news, everyone!  I finished a project for a friend of mine where I had to use blur, 3 images, and transparency!  It's my last night with Fireworks CS5 trial, so I figured why not...


A friend of mine and I were at a Starbucks, joking around and he said to me, "You're a heterosexual, Caucasian Homosapien who bring in large mounts of monetary support for yourself!"

All of a sudden this large, grotesque, ghetto bitch two tables away from us just so happened to be eavesdropping in on our conversation while guzzling down some sort of frappachino with another of her "colleagues."  Immediately after my friend made this statement she turned to her left side and faced us while bellowing the most obnoxious and irritating tone I had ever heard emit from a human oral cavity:

"Oh damn son!  He just burned yo ass! damn!!"

I simply ask you this..

Call of Duty: Black Ops

In an interview to Inside Gaming, a rep. from Treyarch released that there would be a larger reveal of the game come September 1st.  Many have been lead to jump at the conclusion of an Xbox 360 exclusive beta and that is what I am willing to expect will happen.

It was leaked through a google ad that is going to release the beta for the newest lineup in the series, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was faked...  Kids can do some mighty fine things on the internet these days.  You can read more about this here

I am a fan of the old Call of Duty games, but with the recent release of Modern Warfare 2 and playing it for about 3 hours before breaking the disc.. I was turned off to the thought of buying another game in the series.  I'll certainly have to either rent it or see some actual game play before I want to step behind the wheel.  Love it or hate it Call of Duty is a power hitter in console first person shooters, it just won't be one title I'll be pre ordering this fall season.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Religious Bumper Stickers

My girlfriend was tired and didn't bother to finish some work she had for her World Lit. course, so I decided to surprise her and finish it myself.

The Project:
I had to create 3 bumper stickers based on the world religions (I was a little upset when I found out Zoroastrianism wasn't on the list...)  and they had to fit in the following catagories: Economy, Social, and Political.

I'm not much of an artist, but I tried my best in the 45 minutes I had until she had to wake up and get ready for classes.

Here's my finished project!

Social Networking Journey

Oh how I've tried many social sites. I've started with myspace and then moved onto tumblr, then facebook. I've even bought a 200USD camera to make youtube videos with.. which.. failed miserably. Oh, so miserably... Now I'm giving it one last shot, one last change to get my head back into a hobby.

Good news, everyone! I am a Futurama fanboy and have created a blog and website where you can read everything in my old, haggard voice!

My last shot before I give up social sites and blogging all together, let's hope this turns out to be good news after all!

Youtube - Free Movies

Good news, everyone! Youtube now supplies free NA-17 movies!

Bad news, nobody. It seems the free movies on youtube are by some spaztex who have no directing qualifications at all. Those movies are terrible. Just truly awful.. Oh heavens, they are bad...

Good news, everyone! XNXX has a lot of free content!


Can't wait for Reach!

I've been known to be a Halo-typewad... I've always enjoyed the Halo games.  I still remember all the fun my little brother and I had playing Halo: CE for days straight.  If this game doesn't cheer me up while I'm down, then I suppose it'll be time to buy myself a N64 to bring back some good memories.

What feature in Reach are you most excited about?  Personally for me it's the upgrades to the Forge system and the maps: Forge World and Blood Gulch.

Found a band I rather enjoy

It's rare for me to reach out to the new generation for music...  I am rather picky and suppose I have an odd ear for music - or so my colleagues tell me..

Check them out at:

[Day 1]Good News, Everyone!

I'm going to start giving a daily outline of all the positives things I accomplish each day.

Good news, everyone!  I've just finished reading "An Abundance of Katherines" by John Green;  I've grown quite keen of John's writing style and for some reason read all of his books in his voice.  I wonder what else I read in other peoples voices..

Good news, everyone!  I watched the entire House M.D. marathon on USA without going for another cup of coffee!

Good news, everyone!  I am done with this one for today!  Don't forget to comment telling me your good news today!

Working on simple php-based embed system for

Almost have it fully functional and will have it up soon.  The feature will be split into two sockets and only display links.  I'm not quite sure I want my site consuming up so much bandwith based on user uploads.