Monday, October 18, 2010

Today has been rather exciting in the world of Runescape 2.0T5 today, we've had audio updates and the Halloween event has come out.
Jagex actually looks to have pulled their shit together and actually come out with a decent event, the last decent one I can think of is when they sent us to attack all the little children for their candy.

Here are a few pictures from the event that I took!

On top of all this merriment I did manage to gain 1 mining level and am 8k from leveling up in smithing
A few minutes ago I was slaying those large tongued beasties in the Slayer Tower.  So
What am I doing now?
Right now I am currently gathering enough Mort Myre Fungi to get a black mask to make a slayer helm so I may raise my Slayer (about 1.7k of them)


  1. Nice! Decent Content is a must. :D

  2. Runescape doesn't look as shitty as I remember it to be. Still won't play it though after everything the original did to my comp.

  3. Oh god this looks like such a grind to me, I remember playing this so long ago (back when it was still the old graphics.) Sorry to say I'm not quite tempted yet to play again :P
    Good luck to you though! :D I still enjoy reading your progress.

  4. Looks cool, seems you have a lot of fun! wish I had the time...

  5. man it must be boring as hell.....